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Heroes of Newerth - Super Series RULES

Welcome to the HoN - Super Series Rules Section. Here you will find all needed information about this Cup will be played and of course the rules!

The Rules of the HoN Super Series and the qualification tournament:

1. HoN player account names must match the account names provided by the team captain during the tournament registration period.

2. Team rosters are locked once the registration period ends until the League begin.

3. If a team does not show up for a match within 30 minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit unless a match admin or the opposing team extends this time period.

4. No ringers/stand-ins will be allowed.

5. A player is bound to one team for the entire duration of the qualification-tournament and in the league. Playing or ringing for other teams will result in a punishment for both the offending player and team.

6. Teams are allowed to add new players to their roster during the time before the qualification starts and in the season of the League, as long as the player in question did not participate in the qualification Cup or HSS with another team. If a new player will be added to a team in the running season the team has to inform and request this with an admin. Players must be announced and added to the roster a minimum of three days before they are able to compete in any HSS matches.

7. Team captains should include their team’s preferred HoN server when signing up their team.

Game Settings:

1. Game Mode: Banning Pick, 5v5, Forests of Caldavar.

2. Game Options: All Heroes, Tournament Rules.

3. For Bo1 games, teams will designate 1 player in the game lobby to /roll 1 2. The 1st team will have the choice of pick order or side, and the 2nd team will choose the remaining option.

4. For Bo3 games, follow the same format as Bo1, but teams will switch sides and pick for the 2nd game and every consecutive game afterward.

Bugs, Restrictions & Items:

1. It is not allowed to block creeps from reaching their destination (e.g. blocking base entrance) with the help of spells such as fissure.

2. Deliberate use of sudden bugs or exploits may cause your team to be disqualified.

3. Backdooring is allowed.

4. There are no item restrictions.

5. The sharing of basic regeneration items, wards, consumables, and gems is allowed.

6.The following items, however, can only be shared for 5 minutes and must be returned to their respective owner afterward: Bottle, Lifetube, Manatube, Sustainer, Scarab, and Trinket of Restoration.

Before the Match:

1. All Matches will be played on a European host, only if both teams want to play on another host, it can be played on US for e.g.

2. Teams in the same country should use a server located in that region. (france, german, ...)

3. If the teams cannot agree upon a neutral host location then the server will be decided by a match admin.

During the Match:

1. In case of an in-game dispute, pause the game and contact a match admin.

2. In the case that both teams cannot agree on a decision or an admin is not available, the remainder of the match will be played out and the teams can submit the replay match ID for an admin review/appeal afterward.

3. No observers are allowed in a match unless they are match or league admins, shoutcasters, or streamers.

4. Teams are allowed to remake the game if a remake vote succeeds.

5. If a player drops his team is allowed to pause for a period of 5 minutes without the opposing team unpausing (giving the appropriate player a chance to reconnect in a timely fashion).

After the Match:

1. The game is over when:

- One team vote concedes.

- 2 or more players on the same team say "ff" or "gg" and leave.

- The World Tree or Sacrificial Shrine is destroyed.

2. The match ID must be submitted by one of the teams in the match comments.

3. Report the Game at the HoN - Super Series Microsite

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.