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Tourney won from Team ONLINE KINGDOM!!
Great Tourney found his earned end!

2011-09-15 19:21:19| Posted by MRNAPOLEON

A Tourney was ended successfull:

Thanx to all who played the Tourney ! ! Congrats to the
Winner(s) ! And a bix thanx to the Creator MRNAPOLEON !

The following Matches were played

And the Winners were ONLINE KINGDOM. The winners Team will get an extra place in our Hall of Fame !

Good luck and much fun in the next tourney !

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Here the News how to claim your prizes!

2011-09-13 20:00:39| Posted by Soeter

So here is the instruction how you can claim your money!

First of all check the list of teams if your one of the 16.
From the teams who only won money we need a paypal contact.
The teams winning money and hardware must give us a paypal contact and a address where the stuff will be send to.
We only need 1!!!! contact per team.Each team is responsible to hand over the prizes to the players!!!!!!Send the infos please per Pm to ADMIN_Soeter (and please dont forget to say wich team you were).
The deadline is 4 weeks from today!

And please be pation if you dont get the money the next day after you sended us your information.

I will add in the comments teams who give us their informations and who already got their prizes

We are done!
Online-Kingdom wins!

2011-09-12 19:55:55| Posted by Soeter

After a long time with many games and also a few problems we are proud to announce the winner of the Hon Super Series: ONLINGE KINGDOM.
After 3 good matches they beat fnatic MSI.
If you didnt see it here is the link to the vod :

And now it is also the time for your prizes!Im contacting S2 right now to get to know how you can get your money!!!!
I will post a news with all informations about that as soon as i got them.And here is the list of the 16 best teams
1. Online Kingdom
2. Fnatic MSi
3. Esports 9
4. KD-Gaming
5. Infused Tt esports
6. Sk Gaming
7. ts gaming
8. Unz
9. Phenomenal Boys
10. Vitalgaming.Hon
11. Competo
12. Hi Qt
13. Festifirmaet
14. Roam and Kill
15. Reason Gaming
16. Jah & Friends
(please keep in mind that there where a few teams disbanding)

Finally the Finals!
The Finals started!

2011-07-25 14:19:18| Posted by Morti16


We are at the end of the Opening Cup and there are only two matches left to be played! So I'm proud to announce the final and 3rd-place matchup.

In the finals we got:

In the 3rd-place matchup we got:
eSport 9 vs. KD-Gaming e.V.

As for the prices, they are quite high, so expect some great competition.
The 1st place will receive 1000 €, 5x Raptor Gaming Headset and 5x Kaspersky Internet Security.
The 2nd place will receive 500 €, 5x Cyborg mouse + 5x Cyborg mouse pad.
The 3rd place will receive 300 €, 5x Cyborg mouse + 5x PNY DDR3 1 GB.
The 4th place will receive 100 € and 5x PNY DDR3 1 GB.

So there is a lot of money on the line and we wish good luck for the remaining teams.

Your Hon Super Series Admin Team

Semifinals started!
Finally we can announce the semifinals!

2011-07-20 22:23:13| Posted by Morti16


After a long period of time we're proud to announce the semifinals of the Hon Super Series.

Only a few matches until this event will be done and we can start working on the new Hon league.

We grant the teams left one week to play their games.

Reminder: Please contact us if you want your prices! Just contact ADMIN_Soeter and you will get them!

Your Hon Super Series Admin Team

Your Prizes
You want them?Then read this.

2011-06-16 01:22:32| Posted by Soeter

Hello Warriors.
We didnt get any messages regarding the prizes from round 5.
The 5 teams that lost should contact ADMIN_Soeter to get to know how you get your money!
So dont waste your time write a pm.

P.S.: Im on holiday this weekend.But write me the pms i answer when im back!!!!!!

Your Hon Super Series Admin Team.

Finally we can start round 6!
Round 6 *Update*

2011-09-06 17:07:12| Posted by Soeter

Hello Warriors.
After a long periode of problems with the S2 servers (i hate hacker) we can finally start the next round!
I hope you enjoy your games.

To all the teams who lost the last round:
Your teamcaptain should contact ADMIN_Soeter so you get to know how you can get your prices!

Your HoN Super Series Admin Team

The round will end on on June the 22th

Round 5 extended until Sunday June 5th
Round 5 extended due to HoN server problems!

2011-05-28 19:54:42| Posted by Morti16

The DDOS attacks on the HoN servers and the caused login issues prevented several games to be played. This requires a delay of the tournament to give the teams more time to play their games.

So we will extend round 5 until Sunday June 5th!

Your HoN Super Series Admin Team

DDOS attacks on the HoN server
Today were DDOS attacks on the HoN master servers!

2011-05-24 21:43:51| Posted by Morti16


Referring to this link the HoN master servers recived DDOS attacks and this is resulting in login issues.

Therefore we repeal this rule for today: If a team does not show up for a match within 30 minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit unless a match admin or the opposing team extends this time period.

We hope you understand this decision, because even our admins weren't able to login in.

Your HoN Super Series Team

Round 5 started!
Round 5 is after one week delay finally here!

2011-05-15 15:41:19| Posted by Morti16


After a successful Round 4, I am proud to announce the start of Round 5!

The teams will now just have 10 days to arrange and play their Round 5 matches! That is until May, 25th.

To get a better overview over the matches we want you to send us at the HSS site your scheduled times.
Send it to: ADMIN_Soeter or ADMIN_Morti16

Also I'm proud to announce that in Round5 the losers will get a 50€ prize!

Your HoN Super Series Team

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