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Here the News how to claim your prizes!
13.09.2011 >> 20:00:39 o'clock
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So here is the instruction how you can claim your money!

First of all check the list of teams if your one of the 16.
From the teams who only won money we need a paypal contact.
The teams winning money and hardware must give us a paypal contact and a address where the stuff will be send to.
We only need 1!!!! contact per team.Each team is responsible to hand over the prizes to the players!!!!!!Send the infos please per Pm to ADMIN_Soeter (and please dont forget to say wich team you were).
The deadline is 4 weeks from today!

And please be pation if you dont get the money the next day after you sended us your information.

I will add in the comments teams who give us their informations and who already got their prizes

Say your opionion!
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Comments on the article
» Mag1X2011-10-15 16:05:30
when will we get the hardware (headsets)
» Yakami2011-10-09 15:50:43
Any updates about the gear?
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-28 04:23:52
» Yakami2011-09-26 18:45:57
Nice job btw - Will you post once the gear is sent as well?
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-21 17:12:03
Money was send to all teams with paypal!!!!!!!
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-17 15:02:05
Hi QT all needed infons
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-15 18:27:25
Unz all needed infos
vitalgaming all needed infos
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-14 14:58:27
Festirmeat all needed infos
Competo all needed infos
Sk Gaming all needed infos
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-13 23:04:08
Online kingdom all needed infos
Esports 9 missing name!!!!
Ts-gaming all needed infos!
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-13 20:36:06
Infused all needed infos