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We are done!

Online-Kingdom wins!
12.09.2011 >> 19:55:55 o'clock
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After a long time with many games and also a few problems we are proud to announce the winner of the Hon Super Series: ONLINGE KINGDOM.
After 3 good matches they beat fnatic MSI.
If you didnt see it here is the link to the vod :

And now it is also the time for your prizes!Im contacting S2 right now to get to know how you can get your money!!!!
I will post a news with all informations about that as soon as i got them.And here is the list of the 16 best teams
1. Online Kingdom
2. Fnatic MSi
3. Esports 9
4. KD-Gaming
5. Infused Tt esports
6. Sk Gaming
7. ts gaming
8. Unz
9. Phenomenal Boys
10. Vitalgaming.Hon
11. Competo
12. Hi Qt
13. Festifirmaet
14. Roam and Kill
15. Reason Gaming
16. Jah & Friends
(please keep in mind that there where a few teams disbanding)

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Comments on the article
» Mag1X2011-10-12 21:58:09
when will we get the hardware (headsets)
» ADMIN_Soeter2011-09-13 21:28:22
1 below
» lega_z2011-09-13 21:20:50
yeah, where news how we take prizes =)