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This is an overview of the games which have just been created or are active. This offers the possibility to find other players and join their games directly. The game will be published at the front page, so every visitor can see it.

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Games will be listed here, at the game page and at the front page for at least 30 minutes each. If you decide to not play anymore or if you already found your players, you can delete it here (disappears automatically)


Host :Member who creates the game. Send an internal message to contact him or her.
Game :Which game is being played (Civ4, AOW...)? To filter for a certain game, just select it under "Games List"
Name :Free name of the hosted game.
Players :How many players would you like to play with or are required?
Source :This can be an IP address or a game's name in the lobby (e.g. in Steam)...

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