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Team leader
Tag/Name: Nightmare
Nationality United Kingdom
Last Login on:
Clan website http://
Team members:  
About the team: Skype = superstar.w4 / cedrick.3
What the team plays:
Played in Tournament#CoD: Black Ops - Cup
Play in Tournament#1st
Team history
Game 1:Winner Nightmare against Imperial-esports | Tourney: CoD: Black Ops - Cup
Game 2:Winner Nightmare against eFoK | Tourney: CoD: Black Ops - Cup
Game 3:Winner Imperial.Ps3 against OX-Gaming | Tourney: CoD: Black Ops - Cup
Game 4:Winner kaydee.SteelSeries against Nightmare | Tourney: CoD: Black Ops - Cup
Game 5:Winner Nightmare against teamORANGE | Tourney: 1st
Game 6:Winner Nightmare against KD-Gaming.SteelSeries | Tourney: 1st
Game 7:Winner Nightmare against mythiX.Winamax | Tourney: 1st
Game 8:Winner Nightmare against VirtualSports | Tourney: 1st
Game 9:Winner Onekind.1K against Nightmare | Tourney: 1st
Game 10:Winner Nightmare against NwR | Now oR NeveeR | Tourney: 1st
Game 11:Winner Nightmare against dzs.beyerdynamic)))) | Tourney: 1st
Game 12:Winner Nightmare against KNOCKOUT | Tourney: 1st
Game 13:Winner Nightmare against OX-Gaming | Tourney: 1st
Game 14:Winner Nightmare against Dragons Rawr | Tourney: 1st
Game 15:Winner Nightmare against Team Druidz | Tourney: 1st
Game 16:Winner Nightmare against kaydee.SteelSeries | Tourney: 1st
Game 17:Winner Nightmare against Reakless | Tourney: 1st
Game 18:Winner Fariko.Yin against Nightmare | Tourney: 1st
Game 19:Winner Karnage eSports against Nightmare | Tourney: 1st

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