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Overview about the Events

Here you find the List all Events created from my-league members! Find Games, Chats and other Online Meeting and join if you like.


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Overview open games

Eventname Amount Modus Date Gamelink
AowSm Mp Evolution1 / 4Age of Wonders SM2016-11-04 8th:00 at the UTC +LINK
AowSm Mp Evolution1 / 4Age of Wonders SM2016-11-04 0:00 UTC amLINK
Testspiel1 / 3Age of Wonders SM2013-02-19 8:30 pm UTC +01:00LINK

Overview sequel games

Eventname Amount Modus Date of end Gamelink
PBEM Test Round4 / 4Age of Wonders SM2012-11-04 00:37 am UTC +02:00LINK
PBEM LAN ROUND RiverlandWars4 / 4Age of Wonders SM2012-12-16 00:41 am UTC amLINK
DtU 3.0 (GorisJ,Luke,Thorgal,A4 / 4Age of Wonders SM2013-03-26 00:39 am UTC amLINK
Testspiel3 / 3Age of Wonders SM2017-11-04 02:15 pm UTC +02:00LINK
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